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After being in 11 relationships where my boyfriends either cheated on me or left the relationship to be with another woman (almost immediately), I realized that I’m the common denominator between all these wrong matches and it’s time to educate myself in love just like I educated myself academically for my career. As a result over the past decade I’ve spent my life, studying, and researching the best and most effective approaches to dating, men, love and relationships and consequently creating the Dating with Confidence™ Method for single professional women who want to finally find the right man and create a love life that is healthy, happy, and thriving. My intention for this podcast is to have a platform with real and honest conversations bringing educational, informational and inspirational content to support single professional women from around the world to support them learn more about dating, men, love and relationships as #LoveEducation is greatly missing from our academic system. Bottom line is you don’t have to navigate the dating maze of 21st century alone, and we’ll be doing it together on this podcast.

Sep 2, 2020

One of the most important and common questions I am asked by the women in my community is Why is it that I can figure out every area of my life but I can't figure out my love life?

In this episode, Raeeka gives you the 3 reasons why smart, successful, high-achieving professional women have a hard time cracking the code to their love life and what they can do about it.

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